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Utopia uses proprietary product development and virtual manufacturing models to develop and produce specialty media, laminates, backers and coating chemistries for digital print platforms. Utopia's products have been used in award-winning trade show graphics and displays, indoor and outdoor signage and industrial overlays, as well as for art and photography exhibits. Our proprietary coating chemistries are customized to be used by HP Indigo printers to enhance the printability and whiteness of substrates and have been used by OEMs to enhance the appearance, whiteness and durability of extruded films and adhesives. Utopia's products are sold worldwide through OEMs, dealers and distributors under private label agreements.

Utopia Digital Technologies

How We Do It

Utopia: Custom Products

Custom Products:

In-depth market and technical research are built into the front end of our eNPD product development process. We often work closely with OEMs and other market leaders in the industry. Through our virtual manufacturing model, we design processes to produce our custom products. We are in proprietary partnerships with coating companies domestically and abroad and we utilize the best capital equipment worldwide on a lease or rental basis. Because we don’t own coaters we have complete freedom when designing a product, from the substrate to the coating to the process, and then choosing the coater that is best suited to make that particular product.

Why We Do It

Utopia: Creating Value

Creating Value:

By outsourcing any activity that does not create value for our customers or expand our knowledge base, we can have a primary focus on product development while keeping operating costs relatively low. Our model was conceived to respond to newly emerging digital print technologies in the mid 1990’s. Media and substrates required new surface coatings and compatible adhesive products. Coating companies were limited to their coaters’ capabilities and baffled by the digital revolution.

Our model celebrates an ever changing environment and creativity and is quick to respond to that environment. In the 21st century, collaboration, cooperation, flexibility and speed to market are and will continue to be essential. Our team thrives in that environment!

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